I have bought my very first tool, cheap circular saw one year ago, just to try working on DIY projects, to see how well i’d like it. Well, now i have several tools and have recently bought 400$ table saw, so i’ll let you judge how well that went. Turns out, working on improving and decorating home has been my favorite thing, i just hadn’t discovered it. I am not fond of wasting money on unnecessary purchases, but turns out, you really need different types of saws to perfect your products.  But you still need to plan your budget carefully – some table saws have crazy prices – up to few thousand dollars. Those are obviously for commercial purposes, but still you need to know ins and outs of a product before buying it.

  Considering my tight budget, i think i made great purchase. I bought DeWalt portable table saw, which, as name suggests, is smaller than other products in the field, but after trying it out for some time, i know it’s exactly what i needed. Picking high quality table saw for cheap price is specially challenging, because they usually cost more than thousand dollars. There are few good table saws under five hundred dollars. Of course these saws are smaller, and you can’t expect them to perform as well as thousand dollar saws, but it perfectly satisfied my requirements.

 Except for reading above article, i also recommend you use Google a lot, and read what actual customers have said about any particular product. In particular, i love reading Reddit, because people there don’t sugarcoat it – if they bought a tool and it turned out to  be terrible, they will be quite forward about it. Other review websites try not to bash products a lot, because they’re afraid of ruining relationships with brands.

 Speaking of brands, best table saw makers are arguably Bosch and DeWalt, especially when talking about portable table saws. Cheaper brands like Ryobi offer table saws for as cheap as around 150$ – it’s incredible. But i really doubt it’s quality is any good. Ratings seem fine though, 4 out of 5 stars is solid, at least not bad.

 To conclude, i am quite satisfied with my purchase. But if i went back in time just before buying it, i would wait a little bit more, save more money and get better saw from DeWalt. Also, if you are a professional company, don’t be cheap and get one of the commercial ones. Personal table saws might function for a while, but the workload will quickly take a toll and they’ll break down.