Buying a worm drive saw is great challenge, but the saw alone, without good saw blades don’t have that much functionality. You need your saw blades to be sharp and stay that way for a long time. There are two kinds of materials used for making saw blades, steel and Carbide. Steel used to be mainstream before, but more and more manufacturers make saws that come with Carbide blades now, because they stay sharp for longer period of time. In fact, steel saw blades have become so old fashioned that they’re hard to come across these days. Although it’s weird, because every experienced saw owner i’ve talked to has both – steel and Carbide. The reason for keeping steel blades is that they’re much sharper at first, although get rusty real quick.  People use Carbide blades for everyday work, and Steel ones are mostly used for special occasions. Plus, steel blades can be sharpened, so it’s not that bad. There are a lot of easy ways to sharpen your saw blades, and one of them is explained here.

 There are a lot of brands selling saw blades out there, but in my opinion, best one is Diablo. It is slightly more expensive than other brand name blades on the market, but i think you can’t really put a price tag on value that good saw blades bring. Doesn’t matter what worm drive saw you have, if your blade sucks, you will barely get anything done. And it’s not that expensive either – you just have to pay few extra dollars. Big saw manufacturers like Bosch and DeWalt also sell the replacement blades, and they are good enough. So, to sum this up, if you are okay with having good enough blades, then go with mainstream Carbide saw blades, but if you’re after excellent, clean cuts, look no further than Diablo blades.

Some people have doubts about whether good saw blades make actual difference or not in quality of a work, but trust me, it makes huge difference. Best saw blades cost about 50$, but the end result is absolutely worth it. But in case you’re concerned with budget, DeWalt’s circular saw blades are pretty good too, and they only cost few dollars. It would be stupid to spend 40$ on buying circular saw and 50$ on buying the blade for it, but that’s actually what some people do. It doesn’t make sense to me, because in my experience, cheap saws, like any other tools, break in no time. I always like to collect some money and get a really high end circular saw. You might think that it’s a waste of money, but in my experience, cost of replacing cheap broken saws is actually a lot higher than buying best worm drive saw at once.