As a guy who is both – quite proficient in home improvement tools, and has had significant experience in how those tools are made during his long career, i get asked a lot of questions about tools. I don’t mind the questions, i love discussing interesting or controversial topics and debating about anything related to my field, but sometimes questions get too repetitive and simple, and i feel like they could all by answer in one small tutorial, which is why i decided to write this thing. I don’t claim to be always right, and always encourage everyone to be skeptical, so if i express the opinions that you don’t agree with, feel free to comment and i’d love to talk it out.

 Now, let’s get serious. One of the most often mistakes that i see people make when buying power tools is not knowing what tool they need, and how much they should expect to pay for it. Some spend too much, while others don’t spend enough on the tools, and both are equally as bad. Technically, spending too much is not a problem, assuming you don’t have tight budget and are okay with spending money on whatever, which most people aren’t. Being too cheap is problem too, because sometimes people think that they can use cheaper, low maintenance circular saws for their professional work, which is false. Tools for personal and commercial use are very different, in all aspects – quality, maintenance, price, and pretty much everything else. If you’re buying tools for your business, keep in mind that you’ll need to pay premium to make good purchase in the long run. Cost for replacing cheap circular saws every few months or so,  is much larger than money you save by buying cheap tool.

Also decide what size of circular saw you need. For more delicate work, what you’ll need is mini circular saw.

 If you are a contractor, the best power tool brand i recommend is Milwaukee. Once you get to know other people in your business, you’ll discover yourself that this brand is most used and therefore, trustworthy brand out there. In my experience, every job site or carpentry you go to, you’ll see people using either Milwaukee or Dewalt, which is also an excellent brand. Other good brands include, but are not limited to – Makita and Bosch. I just haven’t tried any other brands.

 And the last thing i want to talk about, are battery-powered tools. That is, because cordless power tools seem to be a bit controversial – people have different opinions about them, and i think i know why – because some cordless tools are good, while others are bad. I know it’s cliche, but it’s simple as that. For example, Bosch makes the best battery powered circular saws out there, but their price is slightly higher, so a lot of people prefer cheaper brands, which fall apart quickly. Then they complain about the battery powered tools in general, when they should be blaming themselves. Good way to differentiate high quality cordless tools from bad ones, is by reading customer reviews and checking the ratings.